EustachitisEUSTACHITIS - disease hearing (Evstafieva) pipe violating ventilation of the middle ear. Inextricably linked with abnormal tympanic cavity, so often use terms which combines both the disease: "salpingitis" or "TUBOTECH". There are acute (flu, seasonal upper respiratory catarrh and chronic catarrhal eustachitis. Recurrent acute and chronic catarrhal eustachia often lead to the development of adhesive otitis media. Obstruction of the auditory tube may occur as a result of the closure of the nasopharyngeal mouth adenoidal, the choanal polyp, tumor, resulting in hypertrophy of the rear end of the lower turbinate, the transition of the inflammatory process on the wall of the auditory tube when rhinopharyngitis and other Symptoms, course, treatment (see average Otitis, acute and chronic).. . Читать полностью -->

British scientists will grow arms and legs in humans

British scientists will grow arms and legs in humansScientists from the University of Manchester allocated 10 million pounds for the study of the growth mechanism of the limbs at the genetic level. Using these studies, the UK authorities hope in the future to learn how to grow a limb of a person, damaged, or missing limbs, for example, when accidents and surgeries. As explained by the project Manager Enrique Look, at the first stage, researchers should identify a number of amphibians genes that are responsible for growing lost limbs and tails. The look has already told you about one experiment, when there was a healing process I cut the frog embryo. According to the researcher, for an hour and a half the gap dragged new cloth. The researcher noted that adult frogs this ability is not observed. Читать полностью -->

Apple therapy

Apple therapyApple therapy *118r*About the healing properties of Apple people know more than one thousand years. Since ancient times, Apple is grown in Egypt, Palestine, bred her in Ancient Greece and Rome. And in Russia for the first time Apple orchards were established in Kyiv on the territory of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra by Yaroslav the Wise. In folk medicine the apples used for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. They are effective for intestinal infections, kidney diseases, hypertension, obesity, anemia, gout, diabetes. Volatile apples active against the causative agents of dysentery, Staphylococcus aureus, Proteus, viruses influenza A. Читать полностью -->

In Mexico for the first time stripped Siamese twins with a common liver

In Mexico for the first time stripped Siamese twins with a common liverIn Mexico, the world's first successful surgical operation to separate Siamese twins, fused in the chest and abdominal cavity, split liver. This was announced at the press conference, the Director of the state clinical center "La Race", where he had surgery, Dr. Jaime Saldivar. According to him, the operation was conducted on April 26, lasted 10 hours, it was carried out by 45 experts, and the period of preparation for it took six months. The cost of the operation has exceeded 200 thousand dollars that were allocated by the Mexican Institute of social insurance. The patient, a seven-month-old girl, had each their lungs and heart, but the total liver. Читать полностью -->

Growth formula

Growth formulaMany parents would like to know in advance the final growth of their children. This is especially true for those who are going to engage in those activities in which growth plays a significant role. To calculate the final growth using the formula, which allows a sufficient degree of probability to predict the growth of children, based on the growth of the parents. The growth of the boy = (height father growing mother) x 0,54 - 4,5 The growth of girls = (height father growing mother) x 0.51 - 7,5 Growth in these equations should be expressed in centimeters. Although the prediction is correct in most cases, there are exceptions. This is due to the fact that growth depends not only on the growth of the parents, but also more distant ancestors and relatives. Читать полностью -->

Depression and quality of life

 Depression and quality of lifeData held in America, studies show that if healthy now the patient was pronounced depression in adolescence, in adulthood can be relapses, significantly reducing the quality of life. In the study, the Oregon Adolescent Depression Project was examined 851 teenager. To 19 years, they were twice determined the severity of depression. At the age of 24 patients have recovered from this disease again investigated in order to compare the mental state of these patients with those with mental disorders, and patients with any other psychiatric disorders were not teenage depression. From 1709 319 patients suffered episodes of severe depression. To 19 years in 208 patients were adolescent rejection of the psyche is not associated with mood, anxiety, alcoholism, drug addiction, disorders of attention and behavior. Читать полностью -->

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